My review of two John Berger novels, recently rereleased by Verso, is now on-line at The New Statesman. Here’s how it starts:

Verso has done the world, and especially British literature, a great service in republishing two of John Berger’s early novels. Readers might be familiar with G, which won the 1972 Booker Prize, or Berger’s more recent offering From A to X: a Story in Letters, which appeared in 2008 and was longlisted for that year’s Booker. But A Painter of Our Time and Corker’s Freedom, first published in 1958 and 1964, respectively, have been long out of print and thus they have been largely forgotten, even by dedicated followers of the author. As it turns out, and contrary to what one might expect of novels republished after a half-century of being unavailable, both works are as freshly readable and as timely as anything else in Berger’s oeuvre.