Here’s my review of Occupy: Scenes from an Occupied America that appeared a few weeks ago in the Observer. 


This site has been down for quite awhile now… I had some domain renewal issues. Back now….

My review of Adam Levin’s The Instructions is now up at The New Statesman. 

I have a new piece about the changing geographies of urban demonstration in the latest issue of frieze. 

(Additionally, Kishani Widyaratna has written a nice piece about my piece on the Verso blog.)

I’ve got a short piece on Coetzee’s Disgrace in the current issue of Frieze. 

I have a piece up at n+1 about the London riots and their aftermath…

My review of Gordon Bowker’s new biography of James Joyce is up at The New Statesman’s site.

I have a review of Luke Williams’s The Echo Chamber in this week’s TLS. Unfortunately it’s not available on-line.

You can read my review of David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King here. It appeared yesterday in the Observer. I’m incredibly happy that I got the chance to write something about it…

Here’s my review of Andrew Sean Greer’s The Path of Minor Planets which ran recently in The New Statesman. I also recently reviewed Kevin Brockmeier’s The Illumination in the TLS (March 18, 2011 issue) but it’s not available on-line.

Also nice to see the Otolith Group making some use of an article that I co-wrote for Frieze in 2009 about the ways that financial crisis renders itself visible.

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I am a lecturer in the English department at University College London. From 2005 - 2007, I was an assistant professor in the English department at the State University of New York at Buffalo. I completed my Ph.D. in 2005 at Princeton University.

At UCL, my teaching interests include modern and contemporary British, American, and European literature, literary criticism and theory, and the representation of London in literary works. I'm also the convenor of the MA: Issues in Modern Culture at UCL.

My first monograph, entitled Against the Event: The Everyday and the Evolution of Modernist Literature, was published by Oxford University Press in September 2013. It examines the relationship between narration and temporality in the works of Flaubert, Wells, Conrad, and Joyce, and further seeks to contextualize this relationship within wider developments in the history, culture, and theoretical work of the period.

Beyond Against the Event, I am in the very early stages of planning my next major work, which will examine the deployment of simplicity as an aesthetic category in the modernist novel and poetry, as well as in the period's theoretical work on literature, art, and culture. It will likely include chapters on William Morris, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Ezra Pound, Basic English, Otto Neurath, I.A. Richards, Roland Barthes, and others.

In addition, I have written for a variety of extra-academic magazines and journals including The New Statesman, the TLS, The Observer, frieze, n+1, and The Philosopher’s Magazine. I am also a Trustee of the Orwell Prize.

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Roland Barthes, Travels in China
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